Rad Fest 2019

Posted on: September 13, 2019

This is the 3rd year we’ve raised funds for those who need support in our community through the Radfest concert. Being able to support families with kids who otherwise would not be able to take music lessons feels pretty darn good, I must say. Thanks so much to all the hard work that goes into running this event! Thanks to the Rad Brothers in Milton and their circle of good people who organize the event and to our awesome supportive community who attends!

It was so great to watch our very own House of Chords students performing on the BIG STAGE, tons of wicked tunes. Almost a week later and we are still buzzing from the awesome job everyone did performing at Rad Fest 2019!

House of Chords Music Lesson facility & their booth at music event in Milton Ontario

House of Chords, Music Lesson Facility employees performing live at Milton Ontario music event